Peter Lik: Marketing Genius or Artist?

The first time I discovered Peter Lik was 5 years ago while I was exploring Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. I wandered into a gallery filled with 8 foot wide, high resolution images and an ever present savvy sales team. I was new to photography and was blown away by the impact of these images. I was also blown away by the prices being asked. Easily $50k. It did not convince me to pull out my wallet but it did inspire me to learn the art of photography. A journey I continue to enjoy. I then saw Peter’s short run tv program about photography on The Weather Channel. What I saw was Peter portraying a Bigger Than Life persona out to capture the ultimate image. Picture Steve Irwin’s passion wrapped into John Wayne’s bravado.
Now the The New York Times has just reported Peter has sold a photograph for a record $6.5 Million!

Peter Lik Photo

Peter Lik’s $6.5M Photo

Here are some of the highlights from the NY Times Article

  • Modern Photographer Cash King with $440 Million in prints sold to date
  • Professional sales force ever present on the Gallery floor
  • Creates BUY NOW sense of urgency with the limited edition print price increasing with every sale
  • Peter floods the Market with issuing 995 limited edition prints
  • Good financial investment? Hardly, it is only worth a fraction of what they paid on the secondary art market.
  • Peter holds no special regard for the photography greats like Ansel Adams. “Just a nice shot of Yosemite. Right place at the right time.”

What are your thoughts?

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