Landscape Story Telling


Vermont has some stunning scenery to be sure but sometimes a story develops around you that makes the image even more appealing.   Capturing people in your landscape image that also tells a story adds anoCouple Sunsetther dimension.  It can add a sense of scale especially if there is a lot of negative space in your image.  It also forces you to react quickly as the scene is very fleeting but that just adds to the fun.


Another beautiful sunset was unfolding along the Vermont Lake Champlain shoreline last Sunday.   I was focusing on some interesting metamorphic rock along the waters edge with a wide angle lens when the scene around me started to explode with life.

A newly married couple doing a photo shoot along the water’s edge was very fortunate.  They silhouetted nicely along the lake.


A young couple enjoying the sunset over the Adirondacks.  The viewer’s imagination is free to fill in the story here.

Landscape Story Telling. Couple at Sunset


I have been to this Vermont shoreline many times with the light fantastic doing it’s thing.  While the mountain lake sunsets were indeed fantastic,   adding a bit of humanity to the image is always a good thing imo.

For more examples with landscape story telling,  check out this site: iPhone Landscape Story Telling


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