Iceland Day 5 — Batman Emerges

Kuku Camper packed for sleepingAfter another night of high winds rocking the Camper, we woke up for a hike up the mountain for the Hengifoss waterfall.  We found out later that the wind gusts reached up to 75 mph where we were and up to 112 mph in the far Northeast!  This time of year, Iceland gets the remains of the Hurricanes originating in the Caribbean.

If you rent a small camper for two,  be aware that some of the camper layouts have no room for your luggage when you go to sleep.  We had to move our luggage into the front seats to go to sleep. Then move everything back to drive again.  This gets old fast especially when Iceland is throwing wind driven rain at you in the dark…


Iceland Rainbow

Awesome Rainbow to start our Hengifoss hike


Hengifoss Trail in Iceland

Half way up the trail to Hengifoss.


hiking hengifoss trail in Iceland

Hiking buddy Steve Beattie taking 5


sheep in Iceland

Sheep free range everywhere in Iceland.


Vesterhorn batman mountain in iceland

Batman leaving the Bat Cave….

This is Vesterhorn Mountain but it’s Batman Mountain for us.

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