Iceland Day 4 – Aurora Waterfall

We woke up in Myvatn.   A place of unearthly beauty.  Where steam vents roar like a jet engine,

Stream Vent in Myvatn Iceland

mud pots boil

Hot Mud Bubbles in Myvatn Icelandand huge cinder craters are beckoning to be climbed.

It felt strangely familiar as if I had somehow been here before.  Game Of Thrones took me here first with many of the scenes filmed in the vicinity.
The Autumn colors are out transforming the landscape.

There are hot springs inside this rift. You used to be able to bath in them but a recent volcano eruption raised the temperature to unsafe levels.

Myvatn hot spring rift in Iceland

We climbed a Tuff Ring Volcano called Hverfjall that is 1400 feet high.  The views were awesome.

Cider Volcano in Myvatn Iceland

The bubbling hot pools and steam vents were surreal but the stench was incredible!
Another 40-minute drive got us to the waterfalls of Dettifoss and Selfoss.  Dettifoss is the largest waterfall in Europe. There was a driving rain while we were there so we did not linger…

Dettifoss Waterfall in Iceland

We drove to our next destination which was the waterfall Hengifoss. On the way we stopped for another shower and hot pool.  Here it was donation only.  By the time we got to Hengifoss, it was dark so we set up camp. We missed the campsite but found another place to park by a small waterfall. As fate would have it, the Northern Lights exploded above us. We lit the waterfall with a flashlight.

Aurora over waterfall in Iceland

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