Iceland Day 3 – First Aurora

This morning starts with getting a tow truck ride to the Garage.  This was in a remote section of Iceland so the truck driver did not speak English but everyone was extremely helpful. They offered us freshly brewed coffee and we were quickly on our way with 2 new used tires.  These used tires were in way better condition than the tires we started with.

Today’s drive was across northern Iceland to the hot springs area of Myvatn. On the way I had one of the famous N1 Gas Station hotdogs. These hotdogs are not related to the USA Gas Station hotdogs which are inedible.  These hotdogs are made from lamb with great bread and toppings. And the prices are a bargain compared to other dinning options.

Famous N1 hot-dog in IcelandRestaurants can be expensive in Iceland partly because there is absolutely no tipping in Iceland.  They actually pay their employees a liveable wage.

Godafoss Waterfall (Waterfall of the Gods) is famous for a scene that happened 1000 years ago when the Viking leader converted to Christianity and threw the Norse idols into the waterfall.

Godatfoss Waterfall in Iceland

We had dinner in a most unusual place. Part restaurant,  part Diary Barn.   Here we watched the cows in their Barn while we dined.   Only in Iceland!

Cow Restaurant in Myvatn Iceland

Leaving the cow restaurant, we saw Northern Lights dancing in the sky.  It had the shape of a rainbow arcing across the whole northern sky! This is how our day ended.

Aurora in Myvatn Iceland

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