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Landscape Story Telling

  Vermont has some stunning scenery to be sure but sometimes a story develops around you that makes the image even more appealing.   Capturing people in your landscape image that also tells a story adds […]


Food images from a Landscaper

Landscaper Turned Food Photographer What business does a Landscape Photographer have shooting food for an upcoming new restaurant?  Nothing,  but then again,  why not? Those were my thoughts last Spring when Chef Tyler Slade was starting […]


Don’t Forget to Look Behind You for Possibilities

We have all been there.   Anticipating spectacular sunset skies when incoming clouds from the west,  shut out the magic.  When one door closes another often opens if we are just receptive to other possibilities. […]


5 Photo Tips for Cold Weather

Winter can create magical images yet many Photographers stay indoors when the weather turns cold. When freshly fallen snow drapes the landscape or an ice storm transforms your trees into glistening jewels, it’s time to […]