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Iceland Day 5 — Batman Emerges

After another night of high winds rocking the Camper, we woke up for a hike up the mountain for the Hengifoss waterfall.  We found out later that the wind gusts reached up to 75 mph where […]


Iceland Day 4 – Aurora Waterfall

We woke up in Myvatn.   A place of unearthly beauty.  Where steam vents roar like a jet engine, mud pots boil and huge cinder craters are beckoning to be climbed. It felt strangely familiar […]


Iceland Day 3 – First Aurora

This morning starts with getting a tow truck ride to the Garage.  This was in a remote section of Iceland so the truck driver did not speak English but everyone was extremely helpful. They offered […]


Iceland Day 2 – ‘The Incident’

The high wind storm rocked our camper van.  I was testing out my new 1 man tent and awoke with the sound of a jet engine and a side of the tent pushing into my […]


Iceland Day 1 – First Camp

Our Iceland journey starts now.  We are traveling across Iceland for 2 weeks capturing the landscape wonders along our way. The first week traveling in an RV camper and the 2nd week in the comfort […]


Landscape Story Telling

  Vermont has some stunning scenery to be sure but sometimes a story develops around you that makes the image even more appealing.   Capturing people in your landscape image that also tells a story adds […]


Happy 99th National Parks!

The National Park Service is celebrating its 99th birthday today. It was created by an Act of Congress and signed by President Woodrow Wilson on August 25th, 1916.   I took this image at Zion […]


Vermont Winter Shoreline

Winter winds and currents sculpt the ice and snow like Van Gogh sweeps paint onto a canvas. Lake Champlain spans the border between Vermont and New York and is a deep glacier lake going to […]


Angel Tree and how not to run an Historical Site

Ok picture this: You have a stunning ancient Tree in a small park near Charleston, that draws every visitor to pull out their cameras. Now scatter 6 large sandwich signs around the tree that all […]