Angel Tree and how not to run an Historical Site

Ancient Live Oak

Ancient Live Oak

Ok picture this: You have a stunning ancient Tree in a small park near Charleston, that draws every visitor to pull out their cameras. Now scatter 6 large sandwich signs around the tree that all have the same commandments of what not to do and not one informational sign about the tree itself… Unfortunately, it’s true some people have to be told how to behave properly but this is overkill on the negative. They should be promoting the beauty and history of this mammoth 500 year old Southern Live Oak with at least one of those signs or better yet have one of the Guides sitting in the store selling merchandise, get outside to promote and protect the tree.
Ok, off my soapbox …. 🙂

As far as photographing challenges go, there are a few.
<> No Tripods allowed, so bring a camera with a bright wide lens and great high iso performance to get sharp hand held images
<> Gates don’t open until 9am and close at 5pm so light will be harsh on a sunny day. Soft light on a cloudy day will work well.
<> Be good at photoshop to remove warning billboards (moving signs not allowed) and the occasional tourist.




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